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RMDM Group is the one-stop shop healthcare solution provider, primarily focused on Oncology, for anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. Linking traditional medicine with pioneering diagnostics and revolutionary nutritional products, our work helps people make healthier everyday choices and makes disease prevention and management accessible and simple for all.

Detection | Nutrition | Medicine

The RMDM Group is the driving force behind RMDM Diagnostics, RMDM Sugars and RMDM Pharma, facilitating collaboration between these three work areas. Responsible for the development and delivery of this unique three-pronged approach to healthcare, we are transforming how we detect, manage and treat cancer as well as other common diseases.

Bringing Medical Research to Life

From our industry-leading diagnostic test to our nutritional products and pharmaceutical research, the RMDM Group is active in the transformative application of scientific research into simple, workable steps for people looking to improve their long-term health and vitality.


RMDM Diagnostics is the next stage in the delivery of the world’s first blood test for the early detection of all cancers.



RMDM Sugars uses natural intelligent sugars to create healthy, sweet alternatives that score low on the glycaemic index (low-GI) and improve everyday wellbeing.



RMDM Pharma is the pharmaceutical wing of The RMDM Group, providing the third link in our comprehensive three-pronged approach to preventing, detecting and treating cancer.