RMDM Group was set up in 2017 and is founded on the principles of the pioneering work of Dr Johannes Coy. Inspired by the Latin remedērī, literally meaning ‘to heal again’, RMDM Group harnesses the power of cutting-edge research and technology to provide practical and affordable Remedies. The Remedies are centred around Diagnostics and Metabolic solutions for people proactively looking to live healthier lives.

We build value for our stakeholders through our impeccable research credentials and the delivery of dynamic diagnostic and nutraceutical Innovations that positively disrupt the health/wellbeing industry.

The Leadership Team

Our team fuses scientific acumen with entrepreneurial spark to continue this exceptional research and bring its practical results to a wider market.

Ali Ghaidan

CEO & Founder

An entrepreneur with a flair for assembling the right team and a passion for transforming ideas into reality, Ali combines extensive business experience with a drive to make advances in healthcare research more accessible.


Dr. Ahmed Bourghida, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

A pharmaceutical research scientist, Ahmed has served as Chief Scientific Officer since January 2017. Intuitively blending scientific knowledge with an extraordinary ability to strike up rapport, Ahmed seamlessly bridges the gap between the scientific and business worlds.


Dr. Johannes Coy, Ph.D.

Oncology Expert and Discoverer of the TKTL1 Gene

Dr. Johannes Coy is a world-renowned cancer research scientist and the discoverer of the TKTL1 gene. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Coy is a pioneer in the field, forging fresh connections between medicine, nutrition and pharmaceutics; ultimately opening up a transformative way of detecting and treating cancer.