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After 23 years of Research and Development focusing on Early Detection, RMDM helped launch the first blood test that can detect all cancers at any stage: PanTum Detect.

PanTum Detect: A True Game Changer in Cancer Diagnosis

- Non Invasive: a simple blood test/draw, done in a lab or clinic

- Accurate: 99.05 % specific and 97.5% sensitive (unmatched in cancer diagnostics)

- Universal: All cancers are detectable via the use of 2 unique novel biomarkers

- Affordable: the simple technology allows you to do a yearly screening check

- Quick turnaround: Results can be known within 24 hours

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Assessment of the first blood test that can detect all cancers at any stage for use in Primary Care

PanTum Detect is a CE certified IVD blood test that can detect any cancer at any stage and which is based on the detection of epitopes in monocytes. Activated monocytes (macrophages) phagocytose unwanted cells/cell fragments from the whole body including solid tissues. As they return to the blood, macrophagescan be used for a non-invasive detection of biomarkers, thereby providing high sensitivity and specificity, because the intracellular presence of biomarkers is due to an innate immune response.

Flow cytometry analysis of blood enables the detection of macrophages and phagocytosed intracellular biomarkers. In order to establish a pan-cancer test, biomarkers for two fundamental biophysical mechanisms have been exploited.

The DNaseX/Apo10 protein epitope is a characteristic of tumour cells with abnormal apoptosis and proliferation. Transketolase-like 1 (TKTL1) is a marker for an anaerobic glucose metabolism (Warburg effect), which is concomitant with invasive growth/metastasis and resistant to radical and apoptosis inducing therapies.

The test has already proven its capabilities with over 160,000 blood samples analysed across 50 tumour entities, its score card being:

• Sensitivity 97.50%

• Specificity 99.05%

Pantum Detect will not only help prevent Cancer related deaths via a regular screening check for healthy people but will also massively reduce the cost and strain on the Healthcare System with regards to relapses for Cancer survivors. It is truly a revolution in Cancer Care!

Spectacular Sensitivity & Specificity

Through EDIM technology we have achieved spectacular sensitivity and specificity results.

97.5% Sensitivity 

  • PanTum Detect identifies 97.5% of 100 tumour patients.
  • PanTum Detect reaches this high sensitivity because tumour-specific structures are well-conserved and highly concentrated inside the macrophages.

99.05% Specificity 

  • Specificity is the most important KPI for screening tests.
  • PanTum Detect reaches this high specificity by leveraging the extremely specific immune system (detection of biomarkers in macrophages).


E.D.I.M Epitome Detection In Macrophages

The EDIM technology makes use of the body’s immune system; these steps explain how the technology works:

  1. Macrophages migrate from blood into tissue.
  2. Macrophages phagocytose degenerated tumour cells.
  3. Macrophages with absorbed tumour-specific structures migrate back into the blood.
  4. PanTum Detect - The phagocytosed tumour cells are examined.

TKTL1 & Apo10

TKTL1 and Apo10 represent fundamental biological mechanisms in tumour cells.

A Global Target: A Universal Cancer Blood Test

At the forefront of medical research is the quest for a universal cancer blood test. PanTum Detect, the first blood test that can detect all cancers at any stage.