Welcome to RMDM’s Doctors Center Polyclinic

Your Premier Healthcare Destination in Dubai

At RMDM’s Doctors Center Polyclinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services with advanced facilities, including comprehensive laboratory and radiology services.

Located in the heart of Dubai, our state-of-the-art polyclinic is designed to meet all your healthcare needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Early Detection

RMDM has partnered with the Doctors Center Polyclinic to introduce our early detection technology. This collaboration leverages our combined resources and expertise to enhance early diagnosis, setting a new standard in preventive healthcare.

Our innovative prevention program, which integrates advanced diagnostics and nutrition, is now accessible to patients across the MENA region.

The Doctors Center Cancer Screening Program

Early detection is crucial in the fight against cancer, and our Cancer Screening Program is designed to identify a wide range of potentially dangerous tumours and precancerous lesions at the earliest possible stage. Utilizing our PanTum Detect blood test and the latest in modern imaging techniques, our program offers unparalleled accuracy and peace of mind.

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