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RMDM Diagnostics is the next stage in delivering the world’s first blood test for early cancer detection. Working with Dr Johannes Coy, the virtuoso behind the development of EDIM, we are building upon robust foundations to deliver an affordable and non-invasive blood test that is transforming the way we view and diagnose cancer.

PanTum Detect: The first blood test for the early detection of all cancers

PanTum Detect is the world’s first screening test that detects all types of cancer at a very early stage. Safe, proven and reliable, PanTum Detect is made possible by the innovative EDIM (Epitope Detection in Macrophages) technology Dr Coy and his team developed. The TKTL1 biomarker was discovered and patented by Dr Coy.

EDIM draws upon the natural mechanism of the immune system to detect universal biomarkers Apo10 and TKTL1 - one of which is detectable in all phases of tumour genesis. These two genes have been pivotal in developing EDIM technology. Apo10 presents with the earliest signs of tumour development, whilst TKTL1 manifests at the early signs of tumour cell metastasis.

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Early cancer diagnosis

With over 200 different types of cancer, recent research data published by Cancer Research UK shows that 1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime. PanTum Detect can provide early cancer diagnosis, giving people enough time to make positive and impactful lifestyle changes. Detecting tumours before they evolve and spread into life-threatening cancers gives time for targeted medical intervention at an early stage, increasing survival rates and preventing relapses. Explore some of the most commonly asked questions.

PanTum Detect: High Specificity | High Sensitivity | Non-invasive | Quick and Simple Process | Affordable

PanTum Detect can pick up tumours with a sensitivity of 97.5% and can rule out healthy individuals with a 99.05% specificity, meaning that missed tumours and false positives are highly unlikely. In addition, it is a quick and simple, non-invasive process that is affordable, allowing for regular, annual testing.

This convenient blood test empowers us all to detect cancer early, increasing the success rate of cancer treatment. With this technology, we can replace fear with a simple step to healthier lives.

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Innovative Technology | Diverse Areas of Application

With further studies and tests planned, our technology will have a wide range of clinical applications. In-depth research is already underway into the therapeutic benefits of our work in areas as varied as Alzheimer’s, dementia and diabetes. To read the research that underpins EDIM technology and the PanTum Detect test, please visit our Research & Publications section or contact us.

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