Approximately 4,807 new cancer cases were reported in 2020 in the UAE alone. As the cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment methods rises, The Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi strives to make cancer care affordable and accessible.

The DOH – Abu Dhabi has recently joined forces with AstraZeneca’s Accelerating Change Together (ACT) for Cancer Care to help revolutionize early detection and treatment to build a resilient healthcare system.

ACT seeks to revolutionize our approach to cancer care globally, improving healthcare systems, accelerating change, and advocating for equity.

This collaboration will focus on bringing the latest technologies in early detection to the UAE and helping improve awareness in the community about precision medicine.

As Abu Dhabi grows into a leading healthcare destination, driving reforms and innovations in oncology within the country will benefit patients worldwide.

ACT will support healthcare changemakers and pioneering researchers from the oncology community in advocating for investments in new screening and diagnostic tools.

The coalition will advocate for diagnosis using the most promising and innovative technologies in early detection. ACT is committed to promoting screening programmes specialising in testing healthy individuals before any symptoms appear.

The DOH and ACT will also strive to facilitate education and awareness around the use of precision medicine and the importance of early screening within the UAE.

Commenting on the importance of this collaboration, H.E. Dr Jamal Mohammad Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of DOH, said:

“Cancer represents a complex and ever-increasing burden on societies worldwide, so we must continue to prioritise solutions that will offer the greatest benefit to patients. Building on the advanced healthcare infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, we will work with the ACT to identify the most advanced solutions for a more sustainable model of cancer care and improve patient outcomes.”

“The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi is continuously joining forces with leaders in the healthcare industry to adopt innovative solutions that will accelerate the diagnosis of chronic illnesses and advancement of relevant treatments. Our efforts continuously seek to reinforce Abu Dhabi’s position as a life science and incubator for innovation.”


Dave Fredrickson, Executive Vice President, Oncology Business Unit, AstraZeneca, added:

“The speed and agility of the cancer community’s response to the pandemic makes me optimistic. Through partnership and innovation, we can stop one health crisis from fuelling another and optimise care for people living with cancer, no matter who they are or where they live.”


At RMDM, we are excited to see alliances form to advocate for early detection and support innovative technologies. Prioritizing education and resources around early diagnostic tools will better equip hospitals and medical centres to help save more lives.

Currently, RMDM is in final talks with a new lab to launch PanTum Detect, our early detection blood test, in the healthcare hub of Dubai, UAE. We are looking forward to making our technology accessible in the UAE and helping to support the goals of ACT and the DOH in improving cancer screening.

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