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PanTum Detect

Universal Cancer Test

PanTum Detect finds cancer before it forms - universally

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A global target: Universal cancer blood test

| At the forefront of medical research is the dream of a universal cancer blood test

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Early Detection is Key

| Early detection in tumours significantly improves the survival rate

5 year survival rate across bowl, lung, skin, prostate, breast, cervical and ovarian cancer
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With missed diagnosed patients and fear of biopsies, there is a need for a drastic change in the detection of cancer

Detection In

| The EDIM technology makes use of the body’s immune system; this diagram explains how the technology works

EDIM technology leveraging the immune system

TKTL1 and Apo10 represent fundamental biological mechanisms in tumour cells.

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How can PanTum Detect revolutionize cancer screening?

PanTum Detect can identify cancer at any stage, the critical detection point is where it is still easily treatable.

critical cancer detection point - how ordinary tissue becomes cancerous

PanTum Detect

| A scoring test

  • - EDIM technology determines a score for each biomarker and both scores are then

    summed up for one final score

  • - A score of 245 is the cut-off point between positive and negative
  • - Above 245: the test is positive
  • - Below 245: the test is negative
  • - If the score is between 245 and 260, our recommendation is to run the test again, after

    3 months have passed, to verify that it is indeed positive

  • - No medical conclusion should be drawn without the expert advice of a physician and

    without taking into account the patient’s entire clinical picture

The Illuminizer

  • - Capacity: 30 tests per run (2 hours)

  • - Size of a standard microwave (paramount for

    lab space)

  • - Built-in AI algorithm within which makes it very

    user friendly

  • - Specifically adapted to PanTum Detect and all

    future EDIM Technology tests

EDIM - Pioneering Diagnostics - iluminizer


| Benefits for Laboratories

  • - CE mark granted (EU approved)
  • - Time necessary to run one test and obtain the results: 12 h
  • - Storage Conditions of the PanTum Detect kit: between 2 and 8 degrees C (capacity for

    100 tests)

  • - The Analytical Method is Flow Cytometry:
  • - The machine used during the development phase of EDIM was the FACS BD Canto


  • - Labs can now also use our Illuminizer (smaller and more cost efficient machine

    than the BD Canto) specifically engineered for the EDIM technology

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