Patient Perspective: Frequently Asked Questions about PanTum Detect, The First Universal Cancer Early Detection Blood Test

Welcome to the second part of our Frequently Asked Questions series. This week we have compiled a list of questions that we regularly receive from the public who are interested in our early cancer detection blood test, PanTum Detect.

How does PanTum Detect work? Can I have a simple explanation?

PanTum Detect is a simple blood test that measures two markers within your immune system. If the markers pass a certain threshold, the test is positive.

Is the experience of getting a PanTum Detect blood test any different to a regular blood test?

No, PanTum Detect is performed in exactly the same way as a regular blood draw.

How long will it take to get the results of my PanTum Detect test?

It usually takes around a week to get the results of PanTum Detect.

Can PanTum Detect tell what type of cancer I have?

No, it cannot, it only detects the presence of cancerous cells. However, this can support the diagnosis of any type of suspected cancer, especially if the symptoms you have been experiencing are very mild or inconclusive.

Can PanTum Detect tell what stage of cancer I have?

Yes, PanTum Detect is able to indicate whether your cancer is likely to be early or late stage. This is thanks to the markers it detects. One marker indicates early-stage cancer, while the other is only present in later stage cancers.

How much does a PanTum Detect blood test cost?

The cost of PanTum Detect is comparative with the cost of other biomarker tests available in the market. Our partner clinics can give you further information on pricing.

How often should I have a PanTum Detect test?

PanTum Detect would be a great addition to any regular health monitoring and we recommend patients have the test at least once per year. This will help ensure that any cancer that may develop is detected at the earliest possible opportunity.

Is there any age limit for PanTum Detect?

No, there is no age limit. PanTum Detect can be successfully used to detect cancer in people of any age.

My PanTum Detect test is positive – what happens next?

If your test is found to be positive, you will need to schedule an appointment with your GP who can look at your entire clinical picture, including any symptoms that you may have. They will be able to refer you to an oncologist, and talk to you about what investigations are needed to determine the type of cancer you have and the treatments that may be available.

My PanTum Detect test is negative – what happens next?

This is great news! No immediate further test is required. We recommend that you schedule another PanTum Detect test within 12 months to provide ongoing peace of mind.

How accurate is PanTum Detect?

PanTum Detect is extremely accurate and limits the room for error. It is accurate to 99.05% specificity (true negatives) and 97.5% (true positives).

Where can I get a PanTum Detect blood test? Do I need a referral?

GP referrals are required to get a PanTum Detect blood test. This is currently available at the Centre for Health and Human Performance located at 76 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HH and we hope to be working with more clinics and oncology centres in the UK in the near future. PanTum Detect will also shortly be available at our global partner clinics in the Middle East. For a full list of RMDM’s diagnostic territories, please look at our Diagnostics page.

If you have further questions about PanTum Detect, we would be delighted to answer them. Please contact us via the contact form on our website.

PanTum Detect is the first line of defence against cancer, enabling it to be diagnosed at the earliest and most treatable stage. Find out more about PanTum Detect.