A blood test that can accurately diagnose cancer at an early stage has long been the ‘holy grail’ of cancer diagnostics. Now, PanTum Detect is the blood test to offer non-invasive, reliable, and cost-effective cancer diagnosis – truly a revolution in cancer care!

However, a potential positive cancer diagnosis can be a worrying prospect for many people. So, how do we help to encourage more people to take control of their health, without being too anxious about a positive test result?

At RMDM, we are committed to expanding access to PanTum Detect test, and helping people to understand that when cancer is diagnosed early, it is much more treatable. By following up with patients’ healthcare teams, we can see that our PanTum Detect test is not only detecting cancer at an early stage, but that the majority of patients are having successful treatment.

RMDM Group PanTum Detect Patient Journey Results 

patient journey cancer test

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We believe that the key to reducing fear and anxiety of cancer is greater awareness of the importance of early diagnosis, and easy access to a test which can detect any cancer at any stage of development. We are working hard to change patient attitudes towards cancer, and move towards a system where cancer tests are part of regular health checks.

Find out more about our revolutionary work in cancer diagnostics here: rmdm.group/vision/diagnostics