woman holding shiny red pill wearing blue gloves


RMDM Pharma is the pharmaceutical wing of the RMDM Group, providing the third link in our comprehensive three-pronged approach to preventing, detecting and treating cancer. Currently in the early stages, our team is conducting clinical trials for the release of a prodrug that renders current cancer treatments more effective.

Affordable and Effective Pharma Treatment

Developed and patented by Dr. Johannes Coy and his team in Germany, this pro-drug - Oxybenfothiamine – hinders the activity of TKTL1 and decelerates the metabolisation of cancerous cells.

Combined with the early detection made possible by the Pantum Detect test, this affordable and effective treatment represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer, allowing us to effectively fight even the most malignant and chemotherapy-resistant tumours.


Cutting-Edge Research Delivered to Local Markets

Working with our partners in Germany, we are on the verge of phase one trials and hope to have the pro-drug available by 2022. RMDM Pharma funnels this innovative research into local delivery throughout the UK and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Please contact us should you like to know more about this pro-drug or if you would like to be informed of RMDM Pharma’s news and developments.