New Study Shows: Pantum Detect Test Makes Early Cancer Diagnosis Possible for Nationwide Screening


Aug 9, 2022 | News

A new performance study with 5,000 participants proves that the combination of blood tests and imaging is highly effective in detecting cancer early.

The PanTum Detect test, alongside imaging methods such as PET/CT or MRI, can detect cancer and its precursors with unprecedented accuracy.

This creates an opportunity to close the gaps in early cancer detection. PanTum Detect blood test filters out healthy individuals, enabling doctors to target ‘cancer-suspicious’ individuals with comprehensive imaging screening.

Frequent PET/CT scans can be a health burden for patients due to the radioactive tracer. Therefore, using imaging methods in healthy people regardless of suspicion would cause many risks. Also, imaging methods are not cost-efficient for nationwide screening.

The combination of blood testing and imaging also provides an effective early detection solution for cancers that do not have any recognized early detection methods available.

By partaking in an annual screening program and verifying malignancies early on before the onset of symptoms, tumour treatment can be started much earlier — increasing the chances of success.

What is PanTum Detect?

The CE-certified PanTum Detect test is a proven IVD blood test that can detect solid tumours at an early stage, saving lives and resources now and in the future.

  • Non-Invasive: a simple blood test/draw done in a lab or clinic
  • Accurate: 99.05% specific and 97.5% sensitive (unmatched in cancer diagnostics)
  • Affordable: the simple technology makes it possible for annual screening

Effective early detection screening programs – a realistic opportunity

The high diagnostic effectiveness of the blood test and imaging combination is proven by a randomised, multi-centre study by the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE) under the direction of Prof. Dr Ralf Smeets and Dr Simon Burg, published in May 2022 in the Journal of Clinical and Medical Images.

Over 3% of the 5,000 healthy study participants were referred for imaging procedures following a ‘cancer-suspicious’ blood test result. In 82% of the cancer-suspicious cases (about 124 people), a previously undetected, symptom-free cancer or precancerous stage was found.

A total of 29 different types of cancer were detected during the study.

With these findings, the authors of the study conclude:

“Our results indicate that the PanTum Detect blood test could be used as a screening tool and, in combination with PET/CT and MRI, enables the detection of malignant tumours and pre-malignant lesions at a stage where, in many cases, there is a good chance for a cure.”


Screening program opening in Germany

Starting in autumn 2022, the early detection screening program combining PanTum Detect and imaging procedures will be available throughout Germany.

In Germany alone, around half a million people are diagnosed with cancer annually. The earlier cancer is detected, and treatment begins, the higher the chances of a full recovery. Most standard methods only detect cancer when a malignant tumour has grown into healthy tissue.

RMDM is working hard to make the screening program available in other markets. We are discussing the possibilities of opening the screening program in Dubai, UAE, as the start of our launch into the MENA region.

We are developing a plan for the screening program in the UK as well and look forward to it being available soon in the London area.

Learn more about PanTum Detect

Our whitepaper provides more details about the PanTum Detect technology, which can be viewed here:

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